StreamData Data Type

Data representation of data about a stream - transfer object

name data type description
name string Get the name of the stream
checksum string Get the checksum of the stream
length number Get the length of the stream
modifiedTime number Get the last modified data of the stream
apid string Get the streams apid
versions array of string Get a list of the versions of this stream
type string Get the mime type of the stream
nodeLocator string
date number Convert the modified date into a Date object


  "name" : "...",
  "checksum" : "...",
  "length" : 12345,
  "modifiedTime" : 12345,
  "apid" : "...",
  "versions" : [ "...", "..." ],
  "type" : "...",
  "nodeLocator" : "...",
  "date" : 12345