cellData Data Type

name data type type namespace min/max occurs description
address string attribute 0/1 Get IP address of storage cell, ie
cpuUtilization double attribute 1/1  
diskUtilization double attribute 1/1  
freeDiskSpace long attribute 1/1 Amount of free disk space on this storage cell (in bytes)
lastContactMs long attribute 1/1 Last time this storage cell contacted the finder
name string attribute 0/1 Get name of storage cell, ie app008.poola.net
readsLastMinute long attribute 1/1 Number of read streams in the last minute
replica string attribute 0/1 Replica this storage cell belongs to
swapUsed long attribute 1/1  
totalDiskSpace long attribute 1/1 Amount of total disk space for this storage cell
writesLastMinute long attribute 1/1 Number of write streams in the last minute


<cellData address="..." cpuUtilization="..." diskUtilization="..." freeDiskSpace="..." lastContactMs="..." name="..." readsLastMinute="..." replica="..." swapUsed="..." totalDiskSpace="..." writesLastMinute="..." xmlns="http://digitalarchive.familysearch.org/v1"/>